Flower Food : Healthy Snack Tastiness that comes with healthiness.
Flower Food Ltd., Part. was established as the manufacturer and distributor of hulled roasted sunflower kernels and grains carrying “flower” logo, pioneering the healthy snack market that transformed the traditional ideas of snacks into superfood that satisfies consumers’ taste buds as well as strengthens their health in every bite.

In 1999, Flower Food Ltd., Part. was born out of the determination of an agriculturist named Mr. Pradit Piraman to process agricultural crops and develop them into a new type of snack foods packed with both nutrients and tastes. That was how hulled roasted sunflower kernels and grains carrying “flower” logo were created and have been continually developed ever since.

Flower Food selects to produce health food that is intrinsically good for human bodies.

  • Entirely 100% natural products
  • Healthy grain snacks
  • Giving back to the community and environmentally friendly

For more than 30 years of business, Flower Food has pledged to maintain our integrity and sincerity in partnering with our customers to continue developing quality products according to the requirements of our customers and demand of the consumers in terms of product forms, tastes, and other qualities.

In order to deliver as much tastiness and nutrition to the consumers as possible, Flower Food’s R&D lab is devoted to performing different research and studies on nutrient preservation, texture, color, flavor, smell, and the overall harmony of each product, in order to come up with the best quality products that bestow as much tastiness and nutrition to the consumers as possible. On our ongoing “health-enhancing food” mission, our R&D team is dedicated to using its abilities and resources to conduct studies and research on the compositions and the nutrients of each type of grain
as well as developing the products that can best preserve and deliver nutrients to the consumers’ body system. Our aim is not only to make snacks for our customers to munch on but the ones that also offer tastiness and healthiness at the same time.

Our incessant dedication to improve our organization and production in order to deliver the best products to our customers and consumers has resulted in the recognitions and awards from various institutes from all over the world.