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Flower Food is the manufacturer of hulled roasted sunflower kernels whose brand is commonly seen at 7-Eleven and
well-recognized by its white plastic pouch with rainbow
stripes on top. Ever since the first pouch made in our factory, Flower Food has come a long way and expanded our sunflower kernel product line to offer more variety of flavors and product forms, not to mention other products in grain and nut families, for our customers to choose from. Having been developed
from “health food” concept, all of Flower Food products are intrinsically good for health. Our aim is to produce natural products with as little additives as possible, essentially none of which is chemical or preservative.

Flower Food’s R&D lab is devoted to performing different research and studies on nutrient preservation, texture, color, flavor, smell, and the overall harmony of each product, in order to come up
with the best quality products that bestow as much tastiness
and nutrition to the consumers as possible. On our ongoing “health-enhancing food” mission.

A full range of manufacturing service starting from product formulation, production according to international standards,
all the way to product transportation.

Partnering with our customers in researching, developing, and creating new quality products that uniquely stand out according to our customers’ demand.



Looking back to 30 years ago, Thai people were still not familiar with human consumption of sunflower kernels. Recognizing the amazing superfood-level nutrients packed in these tiny seeds, Flower Food introduced the first brand of hulled roasted sunflower kernels to Thailand market. Nowadays, people are so familiar with the white pouch with 3-color stripes and sunflower logo that they grab the products off the shelf without even thinking about the name of the brand. Flower Food is proud to contribute to healthy snacking trend that brings good health to Thai people.


Flower Food is committed to contributing to sustainable growth
of the economy, the society and the environment 17
based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)